• Promotional Video for the Brockport Newman Center: A Reflection on the Process and Experience of Creating a Promotional Video

      Orzel, Virginia; Mess, Sarah E.; The College at Brockport (2011-05-01)
      Video as a means of advertising is relatively new in comparison to print or radio. However, video is an increasingly powerful means of communications. Therefore I chose to create a promotional video for the Brockport Newman Center for my Honors Thesis. The Newman Center needed an improved form advertising to inform students of the services that are offered at the Newman Center. To solve this problem, I spoke with the Margot VanEtten, the Campus Minister, as well as several students about what they feel are the benefits of attending the Newman Center, and why other students should attend. I complied the information into a three and a half minute video to help promote the Brockport Newman Center.