• The Verdict on the CSI Effect: A Study of the Effect in Monroe County Courtrooms

      Bunch, Ann W.; Monachino, Paige; The College at Brockport (2016-05-03)
      This senior honors thesis looks at a phenomenon known as the “CSI Effect”. The CSI Effect is a greatly debated topic with many different opinions as to its existence. The immediate objective of this study is to determine whether the CSI Effect is present in Monroe County, New York courtrooms. A survey distributed to judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and private defense attorneys, practicing in Monroe Country, New York, gives information regarding their experience with the CSI Effect, helping to come to a conclusion about the Effect’s existence. The results of this study show that the CSI Effect does exist, in some form. While the Effect exists, there are other possible “Effects” that may present similar symptoms as the CSI Effect, as earlier research has shown. Major differences among participant groups provide an explanation for the existence of the CSI Effect.