• Determining True Unicorn Startups

      Keiser, John; Callery, Joseph; State University of New York College at Brockport (2020-09-14)
      Throughout the United States, there have been hundreds of start-up companies labeled as “Unicorns”, or companies that have achieved a $1 billion value. These companies are overwhelmingly technology based, and are supposedly a one in a million opportunity which will change the industry’s landscape and market. While many of these companies are successful, not all survive. The purpose of this research is to compare and contrast commonalities and differences among multiple unicorn companies. My goal is to show that amongst a pool of these companies, there are commonalities and differences depicting what differs a successful unicorn company from a fake or dying unicorn company. All of these unicorns differentiate in some way, but there are similarities and differences in certain aspects. This thesis will help show whether the company is actually a true unicorn, or a fake one.
    • Global Project Management: The Availability and Applicability of International Project Frameworks When Traversing Geography and Culture

      Wilkerson-Barker, Donna; Hyman, Arielle; The College at Brockport (2016-05-13)
      The purpose of this research is to analyze multiple variables involved in Global Project Management to determine the efficacy and suitability of international frameworks for projects involving multinational teams. Specifically, this presentation will explore how companies successfully manage multinational teams that must solve a common problem within constraints established by an organizational entity. A contrastive analysis of several project frameworks used at an international level illustrates the true suitability of these methods in contexts where different cultures, geographic locations, and languages converge.
    • Nitrous Oxide as Pain Relief for Women in Labor

      Lowey, Susan E.; Peterson, Mikaela M.; State University of New York College at Brockport (2020-09-15)
      Labor and childbirth can be a very frightening and anxious time in a woman’s life. Pain is considered a normal, natural and expected part of childbirth and for that reason, it is vitally important to provide women access to different approaches to pain management. Healthcare professionals must be aware of all the options available to women for pain management because it is crucial that women feel they have a choice in what they use for their body. While every woman will experience pain differently, they should be able to have a choice of which measures they use to cope with the pain and demands of labor and they should understand the basic physiology behind why they are experiencing pain. “Pain is defined as ‘an unpleasant sensation caused by noxious stimulation of the sensory nerve endings’ or ‘as a state in which an individual experiences and reports the presence of severe discomfort or an uncomfortable sensation” (Lennon, 2018, p.637).