• Designing the Artists’ Book: How Graphic Design Impacts the Photographic Portfolio

      Christensen, Mitchell; Kelly, Nicole; State University of New York College at Brockport (2020-09-16)
      The purpose of this thesis is to explore how graphic design and the artists’ book format can enhance and add meaning to a photographic portfolio. Today, we face a disconnect between an audience and digital portfolios. Artists’ books provide a way for artists to choose their materials, layout, and design in order to showcase their work. It is the audience interaction with the book that bridges the disconnect and allows for a personal connection between the viewer and the art. Throughout this project, I explore how the layout of the artists’ book and the pairing of image and text impacts the message being communicated. The first portion consists of research of materials, formats, bookbinding, and printing. I determine which format will work the best for my photographic portfolio, and what materials will be available for the creation of the book. The second portion focuses on designing the format of the book using established graphic design methodologies and includes explanations of why certain decisions were made. Overall, it is established why the artists’ book format works and how it enhances the viewing experience of a photographic portfolio.