• Gifted Education Program Structures in Erie County: Lake Shore Schools

      Wilkens, Christian; Geraci, Jessica; The College at Brockport (2012-05-12)
      Research in the field of gifted and talented education has been general and focused on government policy and general practices. There has been a lack of focus on the structure of existing programs. The current research aims to determine whether parents and students receiving services through gifted education programs are satisfied with their educators, program structure, and quality of education received. Parents and students completed paper surveys and commented on facets of the ALPHA (Advanced Level Program for Heightened Achievement) program in Lake Shore Central School District. Overall, responses were very positive, though parents cited some changes they would like to see made to the program. Further research should be conducted in multiple districts to determine what parents and students expect to gain from gifted programming, and what they feel they are actually gaining.