• Mindfulness in Schools: Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

      Veronesi, Peter; Ordiway, Kaitlin A.; The College at Brockport (2016-04-05)
      Currently in schools there is a gap in social and emotional learning, even with an increased emphasis on character development in K-12 schools. There is a growing consensus that students should be taught more than just content in the classroom. Schools should develop well-rounded students capable of handling anything life throws at them. But as mental health issues, conduct problems and increased stress levels are on the rise, schools are currently missing the mark when it comes to their students. Mindfulness, the conscious awareness of the present moment and how you and the world around you fit into that moment, is the key to bridging this gap. Mindfulness has several applications in the medical and clinical fields and is now making its way into the educational field. Implementation of a mindfulness program will teach students how to control their emotions, and attention while building an identity and resilience. This thesis will review sources about mindfulness and its applications and use this research to argue that mindfulness should be added to the K-12 curriculum and will improve students overall wellness and ability to function in school and in life.