• Inventory Management for Sports Equipment: Agile Project Management

      Mitra, Sandeep; Barnard, Nicholas; The College at Brockport (2019-05-10)
      The goal of this Agile software development project is to create an application to manage the inventory and the rental process of an on-campus organization. At the start of the project, I met with the client to understand their current business processes, which were largely paper-based. I then undertook a requirement capture process to better understand the features needed in the envisaged software application, making sure to keep close contact with the customer. A design phase was started using an Agile Modeling approach to create a minimal model that primarily outlines the behavior of the software application, relying mainly on UML sequence diagrams and GUI mockups/state diagrams. After each check-in with the client the design was modified accordingly. The main objective is to practice the Agile methodology to its fullest, both in the overall project management and, especially, in the development and testing phases.