• Issues and Trends in Surrogacy

      Lowey, Susan E.; Estrella, Karla; The College at Brockport (2019-05-16)
      Specialized education for professionals is becoming of significance and a global issue. The nursing profession is one of the world’s most critical because it mainly deals with the health hygiene. Education in this regard demands that all nurses are able to observe values, ethics, and responsibility towards the patient. There is growing concern about healthcare outcomes. Globally, there is an increasing nursing shortage against the demand for the various nursing services. In the United States, there is expected to be a shortfall of more than 500,000 registered nursed by 2025 (Buerhaus et al., 2008). This shortfall comes against increased enrollment of people who pursue nursing programs. To address this challenge, the increased enrollment in nursing programs will have to be increased by 40% yearly in order to replace the number of nurses who are likely to retire. Against the backdrop of increasing demand for nursing services against the supply of nurses, there is an increasing need to have educational programs that are centered on the delivery of patient care. As such, the nursing profession must collaboratively work to align their education with the primary needs of the patient. The inclusion of surrogacy in the nursing education curriculum is some of the key considerations that have been identified as a necessity to the current generation.