• A Statistical Analysis of the Factors that Potentially Affect the Price of A Horse

      Yin, Hong; Allen, Caitlin; The College at Brockport (2013-03-26)
      Appraising a horse when either buying or selling can be a difficult process. Buyers and sellers both want the best deal, however one must understand what horse-handlers value the most in determining the value of a horse to arrive at a reasonable market-price. In this senior honor thesis the author attempts to arrive at a concise formula in determining the value of a horse. Sampling for this project included 120 horses on the market found at 20 different websites. Features considered included age, breed, gender, height, type of training, level of training, temperament, location, color, vices, markings, registration, and if the horse was being sold by a private individual or a barn. Of these features only height, breed, type of training, and level of training were found to be significant in determining the value of a horse. The author concludes that by taking these features into consideration one can more reliably appraise the value of a horse.