• Bridging the Gap in Accounting Education and Application through the Development and Use of Soft Skills

      Hettler, Barry; Gullo, Megan; The College at Brockport (2019-05-20)
      I explore the development and use of soft skills in the accounting profession, and how these skills can bridge the education gap. Understanding the development and use of soft skills leads to conversations about the need to modernize accounting education, and how to achieve it. I focus on answering my research questions which include how to develop soft skills, and the usefulness of these skills in the accounting field. My research supports the need for change in accounting curriculum and how this curriculum is taught to students. Both professionals and educators acknowledge the gap in accounting and believe a change in how accounting is taught is necessary. Both also agree that soft skills are just as important, if not more important, than technical skills in the accounting field. My recommendation is to implement more active learning into accounting curriculum. Integrating this type of learning will better foster both the soft skills and technical skills that students need. Readers can hope to gain a better understanding of the skills necessary to succeed as an accountant, and how those skills are developed in higher education.
    • The Experience of Studying Abroad and Creation of a “How to Study Abroad Guide”

      Chesebro, Joseph; Baldwin, Allison; The College at Brockport (2011-05-01)
      This paper is a general guide for students who wish to study abroad. The author is a study abroad alumnus, having completed an internship program in Florence, Italy. The paper is divided up into several sections. These include a review of literature, interviews from advisors in the Office of International Education, advice from former students, and interpersonal communication advice on how to accustom to different cultures when traveling. The advice is broken up by themes that have emerged over the course of this study, including pre-departure concerns, stereotypes, culture shock, adjustment, and study abroad benefits. The participants were interviewed in discussion form, which included several focus groups. The results of this study show that study abroad greatly impacts students’ lives in a beneficial way and overseas travel while in school is one of the greatest ways for students to develop into independent adults.