• AI-based 3D Game Simulators

      Yu, Ning; Liao, Yuhang; The College at Brockport (2019-05-10)
      he world is full of smart devices now, and many are featured with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which makes devices more friendly and accessible to more and more people. It truly pushes the technology forward. AI is a technology that makes computers do things like or beyond humans. For instance, according to Docherty’s research, AI can make medical service more affordable and improve patients’ quality of life [1]. Doctors are human, they need to take a break. However, it makes harder for patients to get right treatment in time. On the other hand, doctors need to make living by curing people. Consequently, it makes medicine expensive. Fortunately, computers do not need to sleep. Therefore, patients can still get right treatment in time to cure their illness. If it is real, countless lives will be saved. Computers do not need as much money as doctors to “live”. As the result, the prices will be affordable for most patients.