• Sex Trafficking of Minors in New York State

      Kienzle, Megan; Taylor, Porsche; The College at Brockport (2017-01-13)
      Sex trafficking is a topic that has been vaguely discussed by many researchers over the years. Although sex trafficking is becoming more common (Kortla, 2010), many people are unaware of how easy it is for children to become victims. This research will look at how children get caught and lured into the sex industry. It will also touch on the factors that play a role in increasing the likelihood of these children becoming sex trafficking victims. Although there are some programs available to help child victims recover from this lifestyle, there are many other programs being worked on that could provide a support system for the victims. These programs assist victims in helping them get back on their own feet. It provides the victims with counseling to help them through the trauma they have had to face while being in the sex trafficking business. Some of the programs assist in providing shelter for the victims. Once the victims have been rescued they automatically are given a place to stay. The research will dive into what the communities must do, as well as law enforcement, social workers, and people in the communities to make a difference and begin to put an end to the epidemic that is taking the lives of our children beyond the currently operating programs.