• Overcoming Tax Obstacles of Low Income Taxpayers

      Smoker, Kari; Sawyer, Allison; The College at Brockport (2013-05-13)
      The tax season can often be overwhelming to some taxpayers, especially low income taxpayers. Some taxpayers file a tax return themselves but often times they go to paid preparers. Low income taxpayers are often taken advantage of when they go to a tax preparer during the tax season because of their lack of financial literacy. This lack of knowledge can cause them to not receive the correct service or even become victim of fraud. The IRS has realized in the past that low income taxpayers needed more financial support so it created the EITC and other tax credits. To help low income taxpayers, the IRS is continuing to improve the services offered by VITA sites and reduce the amount of tax scams by paid preparers. Low income taxpayers need to understand their options and go to the best tax preparation site that will benefit them during tax season.