• A Literature Review Examining the Effects of Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

      Lowey, Susan E.; Anbar, Rebecca; The College at Brockport (2018-04-01)
      This review, comprised of scientific, peer-reviewed literature published after the year 2000, attempted to answer three main questions. The review sought to determine if hypnotherapy has the potential to treat chronic pain, which types of pain find the most relief, and which age population is able to benefit the most from the use of hypnotherapy. The results found that hypnotherapy is, in fact, successful at minimizing the effects of chronic pain. While the results of this study were unable to determine which types of pain were capable of finding the most relief, it was clear to see that the pediatric population reaps the most benefit when it comes to diminishing chronic pain through the use of hypnotherapy. With these results in mind, it is important to move forward in the practice of medicine and implement these findings. Hypnotherapy has the potential to change the face of medicine, it is time that more physicians in practice give it the chance to do so.