• The Brockport Navigator

      Anand, Vishal; Adams, Michael; The College at Brockport (2011-08-01)
      This paper discusses the creation processes used to design and develop the Brockport Navigator, an Android application developed to help acclimatize incoming students to the College at Brockport campus. The paper describes the basic concepts of the Android operating system and what is involved in developing Android applications, the process used to map out the campus via Google Earth, the SQLite database used to store all of the GPS (Global Positioning System) information, the CustomView class developed to display the application, and the Map Display and Navigator features of the application. Next, the paper discusses the routing algorithm that was written to handle route calculation, and the Dijkstra?s Algorithm, which later replaced the initial routing algorithm. Lastly, the paper explores the future enhancements and features that may be added.