• In this era of big data those things we do not notice: MFA Thesis - Metal

      Wan, Kehan (Yoky) (2020-05)
      We live in an information-overloaded era. We are trapped and enslaved, while at the same time perceiving this as convenient. The overload of data exists with both advantages and disadvantages. We are able to get to know the world by clicking on electric devices. Meanwhile, it makes our lives overwhelmed sometimes, and the privacy invasion is also a significant problem that we do not notice. The data we create will not be erased, instead, they become random bits existing in the huge information platform, which is known as big data. However, many of us are unconscious of our lives being dictated by big data. My work is an attempt to reflect on this social phenomenon. In an effort to make sense of it all, I construct micro-installations and objects, employing intricate craft at a minute scale to draw in the audience and encourage them to notice the circumstance that we are living in at present. This work is intended to provoke a feeling of invaded privacy, surveillance, and the overload of information – ubiquitous, enveloping, yet often unnoticed when living under the big data storm.