• Material memoir: MFA Thesis - Ceramics

      Sartorius, Andrew (2019-05)
      My family owns a fifty acre plot of rolling red clay hills in West Virginia. When I return home, I dig clay, a pilgrimage to harvest from the strata of memory. This body of work explores the potential of wild West Virginia clay through the wood firing process. The kiln creates a dramatic range of effects as varying amounts of ash and heat amalgamate and give vitality to the wild clays I use. The kiln is my collaborator, a trusted but pleasantly unpredictable partner lending its voice to mine to create something made from a life of memory and memorial… Material holds memory. It has a lingering narrative more akin to memoir than a full memory. Memoir is not a life’s story; rather it is a remembered story from a life. In Material Memoir, I explore the use of West Virginia clay to construct artifacts that illustrate my longing from home and passion for the wood firing process.