• Marks of time: MFA Thesis - Metal

      Santiago, Jolynn (2019-05)
      For a moment, reflect on the marks of time that are often disregarded or wiped away. Would you ever consider preserving the ring of dust that forms around objects, or collecting the residue that clings to your hands after handling items from the past? Have you considered the mark left behind from a label or tape that was once adhered to an object, or contemplated the duration of time that those two objects were connected? These questions stem from thoughtful observations that evoke special, habitual, uneventful, less than perfect, worst, best, lost, found, unnoticed, forgotten, quiet moments. My work is an assortment of lines that illustrate gesture—evidence that articulates time. These physical documents record and illuminate the past and the present. Each piece is a palimpsest—a document that is continuously re-used, but the traces of its original form still remain. The work continuously evolves, layers collect, and content grows. Marks and imprints highlight the attachment and detachment of objects, while drawing attention to their relationship.