• Beyond the mind’s eye: MFA Thesis - Printmaking

      Ozola, Karmena (2021-05)
      The elements of nature, colour and light in my work are joined in colourful, small to large scale (depending on the medium and technique) abstract prints, paintings, handmade paper sheets, handmade paper lamps, digital photographs and artist’s books. To make the work, I use Western, Asian and handmade paper, canvas, acrylic ink and oil paints, natural found objects as well as thread. The techniques employed include mainly monotype and screen-printing methods, papermaking, three-dimensional object construction and hand stitching. In order for the viewer to find a connection or a moment beyond the material world when looking at my work there is one more missing element – openness or, in other words, the right kind of perception. Therefore, my research includes a look at altered states of consciousness and how those are achieved, belief systems, places where people experience altered reality, hypnosis and individual practices such as meditation and prayers.