• In between: MFA Thesis - Ceramics

      Oh, Eunyoung (2017-05)
      My work reconstructs my childhood memories of longing to value moments of the past. I investigate the intersection of my heritage, yearnings, and life in the present. I build clay sculptural forms, using Korean methods of tiled roof construction. Making each piece by hand, I preserve the individuality of each tile. The long process enables me to be self-reflexive, to collect memories, and translate nostalgia into an object. Each roof tile represents a fragment of longing and various memories are materialized in different forms and structures created with a variety of techniques, processes, and materials. Though the act of remembering is intentional, the unique construction of my memories is beyond my control. Similarly, I intentionally create an object while allowing the process of firing in the kiln to create new idiosyncratic work. Recreating objects, patterns, and designs with roof tiles conveys my personal connection to a spatially and temporally different self.