• The body in question: MFA Thesis- Sculpture

      Gounaris, Eleni (2016-05)
      Disillusion only begins to scrape the surface of the ways in which we regard our relationships with others of a sentient nature. Our values of life are blatantly torn from their inherent jouissance by a repulsive irreverence. By isolating ourselves, we disregard those around us and lose focus. Our human and non­human connections, as well as the value of life of other species, passionately inform my work. I encourage others to consider the source of our commodities. They derive from the experiences of other beings who we may not even know are behind the curtain. I depict ambiguous representations of life through sculpture, sound, video, and mixed media. The primary challenges that inspire me are how we accentuate the irrefragable prevalence of speciesism, and help people empathize with others in order to contribute to a more compassionate society. By stripping away layers of meticulous thought, I arrive at conclusions one can only encounter through a moment of intermission. I am not afraid of suffering; it is an issue that encompasses all forms of life. The suffering for which I choose to speak is that of non­human animals, because their duress does not always communicate in a discernable, or human, dialect.