• Visual hysteria: an investigation of the "feminine protolanguage" as an embodied index of trauma in the arts: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing

      Farina, Ana Maria (2021-05)
      The pieces I am showing in my thesis show are the four latest pieces I have created. They're all entitled histérica which is Portuguese for hysterical, followed by the number referring to its place in the series timeline. Histérica #8 started off as lines that could resemble a flower and/or vulvar forms. It is the biggest piece I have ever created and it was at first a challenge to myself: what would happen if I take this cathartic process to its utmost. It took me months of labor (and callused hands) to come to a finished piece. However, in the middle of the process I felt the work had a mystical presence, and I added an eye to its center, and now the work is displayed in the horizontal, not so related to a vulva symbology anymore, but more a garden. Staring at it is like peeking at the wilderness within.