• I'm good, you?: MFA Thesis - Sculpture

      Cunningham, Amy (2016-05)
      I am enchanted by the absurd and the asinine. My work inhabits the precarious space forged between reality and mockery; this is the intersection from which I create. My thesis work creates an experiential representation of the evaded issues of modern communication. Utilizing a blend of the real and the satirical, I am able to create work that distorts the viewer’s perception by blurring the distinction between what is factual and what is parody. I create absurd, yet relatable situations that invite the viewer in for a chuckle, but also promote deeper self-reflection. I prefer to use a variety of methods and media. I have used styrofoam to transform virtual phenomena into tangible forms, sound to charm yet brainwash, manipulated found objects for familiarity but disturbance, and installation to integrate these multi-faceted experiences.