• Culture of Black Bullhead (Ameriurus melas) in Cages and Open Ponds

      Buttner, Joseph; Holloway, Linda Sue; The College at Brockport (1993-05-01)
      Black bullhead (Ameiurus melas) fingerlings were stocked in three 0.1 ha ponds at a rate of 900 fish/0.1 ha with 150 fish stocked in 1.2 m3 cages (three cages/pond) and 450 fish stocked free-swimming in each open pond. Fish were simultaneously cultured in cages and open ponds between 4 June 1991 and 28 September 1991. After 117 days, survival rate in all treatments did not differ. Black bullhead reared in open ponds exhibited superior growth and feed conversion when compared to fish reared in cages. Caged fish took longer to double their weight than free-swimming fish. Water quality parameters (D.O., temperature, pH, alkalinity, total ammonia-nitrogen, and Secchi disk visibility) did not differ significantly among cages and open ponds. Results of this study indicate that black bullhead cultured in open ponds outperform bullhead cultured in cages.