• Culture of Yellow Perch in Recirculating Systems

      Buttner, Joseph; Burz, Judith Ann; The College at Brockport (1994-05-01)
      Fifty-five yellow perch (Perca flavescens) that average 7.5 grams each were stocked into each of twelve recirculating systems (380 L each). Fish were fed a 30% protein (4% lipid), or a 50% protein (15% lipid) diet, either continuously or twice daily for 23 weeks. Yellow perch grew significantly (p <0.05) larger and exhibited better feed conversion (3.2:1) on the 50% protein, 15% lipid, ration. At harvest, they averaged 45.6 grams weight and exhibited an average 98% survival. Fish fed a 30% protein, 4% lipid ration averaged 25.7 grams at harvest, exhibited a 96.5% survival, and had an average feed conversion of 4.4:1. Fish maintained on the 30% protein, 4% lipid diet presented continuously had significantly (p<0.05) more mortalities and lower feed conversion. Their mortality rate was 6% vs. the 1% of fish fed twice/day and the 3% of all fish maintained on the 50% protein, 15% lipid diet fed continuously. Fish fed the 30% protein regimen also had a feed conversion of 5.1:1 vs. the 3.8:1 exhibited by the group fed the 30% protein, 4% lipid diet twice/day. Yellow perch survived and grew reasonably well when cultured under controlled laboratory conditions that simulated a commercial operation.