• Segment Analysis of Oatka Creek: The Location of Sources of Pollution

      Makarewicz, Joseph C.; Lewis, Theodore W.; The College at Brockport (2004-08-01)
      Oatka Creek flows approximately 58 miles and drains approximately 215 square miles (557 km2) of Wyoming, Genesee, Livingston and Monroe counties of western New York State. The 2002 Oatka Creek “State of the Basin Report” recommended water quality monitoring during nonevent and precipitation events to further identify sources of pollution. The Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Wyoming and Genesee Counties contracted with the Water Quality Laboratory at SUNY Brockport to systematically identify, during baseline and hydrometeorological events, the sources of nutrients, soils and salts within the Oatka Creek watershed. With this report, we provide evidence based on 188 samples taken during eight sampling days that suggest the location and the intensity of pollution sources in the Oatka Creek watershed. The following sources of nutrient and soil loss from non-point and point sources are suggested. Detailed evaluations may be found in the “Results” section of this report.