• Long-term Trends and the Trophic Status of Conesus Lake 2012: A report to the Livingston County Planning Department Geneseo, NY

      Makarewicz, Joseph C.; LaFountain, Joshua M.; Lewis, Theodore W.; The College at Brockport (2012-10-01)
      Conesus Lake monitoring conducted by personnel from The College at Brockport during the summer of 2012 determined the current trophic status of the lake and if any improvements or further degradation of water quality had occurred. To accomplish this goal, lake chemistry was monitored from 22 May to 14 August 2012 and the following were completed: a trophic state assessment of the lake and an evaluation of long-term trends in lake chemistry. Recommendations 1. The monitoring of Conesus Lake should continue. Current results suggest a slow improvement in it’s surface water. The status of the lake’s water quality has been an issue for many years. If it is indeed improving as suggested, this success story needs to be communicated to the general public. 2. The importance of managing nutrients and soil loss from the watershed is now even more important to prevent a relapse or return to less desirable conditions. Continuing efforts to reduce nutrient losses from sources in agriculture, from septic systems above the ring sewer, and from lawn fertilizers should be emphasized.