• Positive Relationship Physical Activity Has on Cognitive Function in High School Students

      zaccarella, nicholas (2019-12-11)
      Research shows a link between physical activity and cognitive function. This connection sheds light on the idea that physical activity can improve cognitive function. Penning et al., (2017) mentions that adolescents have high levels of sedentary behavior which makes them vulnerable for health concerns. During the school day students spend most of their time sitting and staying at a resting heart rate. Vazou, Pesce, Lakes, and Smiley-Owen (2019) found consistent evidence that aerobic or motor skill physical activity, enhanced children’s spatial abilities and working memory. Many hours were spent searching through data bases to find articles on this topic. The most common finding was that cognitive function improves, depending on the specific type of physical activity performed. Specific keyword searchers were performed to find the correct articles. Information was then sorted by keyword search and the types of physical activity performed. Data and articles were put into tables. In conclusion, there is viable information to prove physical activity can improve cognitive function.