• Health-Related Physical Fitness Benefits of Exercise Prescriptions for Individuals with Down Syndrome

      Wooten, Kimberly; The College at Brockport (2016-12-08)
      This literature review synthesizes the published articles that relate to adolescents and adults with Down syndrome and the benefits of exercise prescription on specific health-related fitness components. Individuals with Down syndrome typically have lower levels of health-related physical fitness in regard to most fitness components. Participating in regular exercise can improve each of these components. Depending on the desired outcome of the exercise regiment administered, variations in type, frequency, duration and intensity of exercise can be adjusted. The results found in the literature are similar to the guidelines provided by the American College of Sports Medicine with a few slight differences. In regard to cardiovascular fitness for individuals with Down syndrome, it appears that lower intensities and frequencies can still be effective. In order to improve muscular strength and endurance a program should have a frequency of two to three days per week and consist of eight to 20 reps and two to four sets. Body composition can be improved in individuals with Down syndrome, however it may take more than 16 weeks to see the resulting changes.