• Parental Perceptions Towards Participation in Physical Activity for Children with Visual Impairments

      Perreault, Melanie; Williams, Hannah (2020-08-15)
      The purpose of this synthesis was to examine the existing body of knowledge regarding parental perceptions towards participation in physical activity for children with visual impairments. Previous research identified experiences, beliefs, and expectations that contributed to parental perceptions. The studies reviewed in the critical mass yielded common themes that included factors that encouraged participation in physical activity and barriers that inhibited participation in physical activity. Common barriers identified were financial constraints and a lack of accessible programming, untrained physical activity providers and difficulty finding physically and emotionally safe physical activity environments. Positive attributes that encouraged participation in physical activity included parental understanding of the importance of physical activity for their children, reciprocal communication between parents and physical activity providers and opportunities for the entire family to engage. Future research should examine the effects of suggested interventions on the perceptions of parents when it comes to their children with visual impairments participating in physical activity.