• Cultural Competence in Physical Education and Core Academic Subjects: Are There Differences?

      Kozub, Francis M.; Peruzzini, Danielle; The College at Brockport (2013-05-08)
      This synthesis studied a critical mass of literature to determine cultural competence as it pertains to physical educators training and preparation for teachers in core academic subject areas. The studies focused more on experience and teacher training in physical education as well as core academics. Contact theory was used to help identify how teacher educators should utilize more hands on experiences to better train a more culturally competent teacher, who in turn will facilitate success in future students. Results of this synthesis show that the teacher training programs need to be changed in order to create a more culturally competent teacher. Results supported the notion that many teachers are being trained in programs that are not sensitive to creating a culturally competent skill set in today’s educators. This is at odds with trends in the United States that have traditionally led to increased diversity in the population. Teachers sensitive to constant changing demographics need to be culturally competent and this starts with teacher training programs.