• Creating Successful Experiences for Deaf Children in Physical Education and Athletics: A Review of the Literature

      Petersen, Susan C.; Palmer, Charles; The College at Brockport (2018-05-21)
      The purpose of this synthesis project was to investigate ways of creating successful experiences for children in physical education and athletics. A literature review was conducted in an effort to explore physical activity participation among deaf students, determine barriers to participation and make suggestions for teachers and coaches. Results indicated that deaf children struggle to participate in physical education and sports due to communication barriers and social anxiety. Also, there is a significant gap in success and attitudes about physical activity between deaf students who go to deaf schools and those who attend general schools. Deaf students in deaf schools have more positive attitudes toward physical education and sports than those in general schools. Additionally, most adapted physical education teachers in general schools do not have adequate knowledge of American Sign Language or other methods of communication to interact with deaf students. Peer tutors were a useful intervention in some cases. The barriers to communication need to be studied more thoroughly in order to help teachers and coaches eliminate or lessen the struggles that deaf students face.