• The Effects Socioeconomic Status, Nutrition, and Physical Activity Have on the Youth

      Morales, Felix; SUNY Brockport (2019-05-22)
      The purpose of this synthesis was to identify the effects socioeconomic status (SES), Physical activity (PA), and nutrition have on the youth. Despite the known benefits of being physically active and eating healthier food options, fewer than half of the U.S. school aged children meet national recommendations of 60 minutes of daily PA and one third fewer meet recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption (Donnelly & Springer, 2015). This synthesis examined literature and articles which primarily focused on how low SES youth are effected by their communities differently than youth who reside in high SES communities. The following four questions were answered: (1) how is SES related to health? (2) How does SES influence nutritional habits in youth? (3) How does SES influence physical activity habits in youth? And (4) what effect do intervention programs have on promoting PA and proper nutrition for youth in Low SES areas? This synthesis found that in order for the youth within low SES communities to have a future with less health complications due to obesity, schools should provide better intervention programs focused on PA & nutrition, qualified physical educators should be hired, low SES community food-stores should provide heathier food options and parental support is the key for youth to start having healthier habits.