• Coaching Behaviors and their Impact on Burnout of High School Athletes

      Houston-Wilson, Cathy; Monell, Zachary (2018-12-17)
      Through sport activity, coaches can impact, effect, and influence their athletes in many ways. The purpose of this synthesis was to review the literature on coaching behaviors and their impact on burnout of high school athletes. There is an association between controlling coaching behaviors and athletes’ negative experiences in their respective sports. Negative experiences, such as emotional abuse, is a key issue that was brought up in youth sport that can have long term effects on athletes. Coaches may not know the impact that they have on athletes. Coaches may think that they are motivating the athletes, but in fact they may be discouraging the athletes by a lack of communication on their performance. Research has indicated that athletes themselves serves as the dependent variable in terms of the effect controlling coaches have on athlete burnout. The key categories found in this synthesis are coaching behaviors, controlling coaching behaviors, and athlete mental toughness and burnout.