• Does Gender Impact on the Learning Style of Student Athletes?

      Kozub, Francis M.; Marchese, Kristina; The College at Brockport (2013-05-08)
      Throughout life everyone learns, but everyone does not learn the same. This is why learning styles have been a focal point of much research examining learning in various contexts. This synthesis examined a critical mass of research to determine if gender was a factor in the learning style preference of student athletes. Along with learning style preferences, this project focused on how to use existing research and identifying strategies to assist coaches working with female athletes. Results indicated that nonathletic males prefer to learn by words (read/write, abstract conception, and reflective learner) while females outside of athletics have been identified as preferring the learning styles of pictures (visual and reflective observation) and words. Collectively, males and females prefer pictures over the other learning styles. This synthesis examined a critical mass of research and found that the learning styles using pictures and words are most preferred over hearing/speaking and experience regardless of gender or athletic status. Additional research is needed to identify the learning style of student athletes and particularly female athletes.