• Importance of Support in Weight Management

      Kozub, Francis M.; Houston-Wilson, Cathy; Lopez, Michael; The College at Brockport (2017-04-01)
      Weight loss and weight management can be difficult for many individuals to achieve or maintain. There are numerous forms of support available to those who wish to lose or manage their body weight. With over two-thirds of U.S. adults classified as overweight (33.0%) or obese (35.9%), effective interventions that help adults achieve and maintain a healthy weight are imperative for the prevention and management of obesity and related diseases. Social relationships and interactions can have positive and negative influences on diet, physical activity, and weight status (Wang, Pbert & Lemon 2014). This synthesis of research literature focuses on mobile apps, family and friends, and personal fitness trainers. By focusing on these three popular categories of support, the literature will show how different forms of support can have different impacts on success with both weight loss and weight management. A comprehensive literature review took place to investigate why these three forms of support may be beneficial to those trying to lose or maintain their body weight.