• Strategies to Retain High School Athletic Coaches

      Houston-Wilson, Cathy; London-Hill, Kevon (2019-05-13)
      This is a review of literature aims to find what factors impact retention for high school sport coaches and what strategies can help increase retention. Coaches at the high school level are leaving the profession for a variety of reason that include job satisfaction, relationships with students and staff along with lacking support from administrators. The selection of literature utilized for this review was found using keywords: retention, coaches, and high school. Other articles were found through viewing selected studies references that are relevant to coaching and retention. Gathering data from the studies allowed findings that are relevant to impacting change. Results were able to identify that factors hurting retention for high school coaches are job satisfaction, lack of support, and personal commitment. Support strategies have been mentioned and data shows that it has opportunities to be effective with proper programming and support from other coaches and staff. It is hoped that this review of literature shines light on strategies that can improve retention in coaches for high school sports. In addition, providing this knowledge and recommendation athletic directors, coaches and aspiring coaches.