• Parental Perspectives on Physical Education Services for Children with CHARGE Syndrome

      Lieberman, Lauren; Columna, Luis; Beach, Pamela; Lane, Kristi Jo (2019-04-26)
      Purpose: Although there is literature currently that addresses parental perspectives of their child’s physical education services related to specific disabilities (Columna, L., Streete, D., Hodge et. al., 2018; Dillion, S., Dolphin. Et. al. 2017; Perkins, Columna, Lieberman, & Bailey, 2013; Columna et. al., 2008; An & Hodge, 2013; Št?rbová & Kudlá?ek, 2014), there is a lack of research in investigating parental perspectives and CHARGE Syndrome. The aim of this study was designed to explore parental perspectives with children who have CHARGE Syndrome and their experiences in physical education. Methods: In this descriptive qualitative study, the participants were 10 mothers of children with CHARGE Syndrome ages 6-23 years old. These parents completed a demographic survey and semi-structured interview discussing their perspectives regarding their child’s physical education services. Results: Three independent themes were revealed (a) holistic expectations, (b) multifaceted barriers, and (c) facilitators to quality physical education. Conclusions: The overall finding from this study that parents do find physical education services as an important part of the educational program; however, these programs currently do not meet their expectations in terms of programming, qualified physical education teachers, and mindfully implementing the general physical education curriculum in an effective means for students with multiple disabilities.