• The Benefits of Participation in Yoga for Students with Disabilities

      Joseph, Micah (2018-09-19)
      The purpose of this synthesis is to look at the benefits that participation in yoga has on students with disabilities. Many students with disabilities fall behind their peers early on in their education in regards simple social skills and motor abilities. Yoga has been known to have a positive effect in those areas on students without disabilities, however there is limited research on the topic for students with disabilities. The studies provided in the critical mass show the positive impact that yoga can have on students with autism, visual impairments, and intellectual disabilities. These benefits include social-adaptation, self-regulation, self-esteem/confidence, concentration, and communication. Methods of incorporating yoga into both general and adaptive PE classes are presented and discussed. While there are many positives from participation in yoga, the field still lacks significant research and further studies must take place in order for us to fully understand the benefits of yoga on students with disabilities.