• Physical activity interventions for children with Down syndrome: A synthesis of the research literature

      Petersen, Susan C.; Funk, Maleda; The College at Brockport (2017-12-18)
      This synthesis highlights the available physical activity interventions/programs for children with Down syndrome. More specifically, the literature review examined evidence-based research in the areas of dance and movement, balance and stability, two-wheel bicycle, strength and agility and barriers and facilitators. The literature review used peer-reviewed and scholarly articles in order to examine the most effective physical activity intervention/programs for children with Down syndrome. Results showed that all physical activity interventions/programs can be effective for children with Down syndrome, especially when developmentally appropriate modifications and adaptations are incorporated. Dance and movement programs, balance and stability exercises using virtual reality games, learning to ride a two-wheel bicycle and strength and agility interventions can enhance the whole child’s quality of life through participation and exposure.