• How Does Pressure to be Perfect Impact Pre-Collegiate Gymnasts?

      Elsadek, Caitlin J.; State University of New York College at Brockport (2019-05-13)
      This synthesis highlights the available research of how pressure to be perfect impacts pre-collegiate gymnasts. With recent accusations of sexual assault from USA Gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar and the idealism of looking aesthetically pleasing for success, this research was imperative. The literature review examined evidence-based research in areas of body image and disordered eating issues, and pressure on young gymnasts. Specifically, this literature review used peer-reviews and scholarly articles to explore what kinds of pressure pre-collegiate gymnast encounter, from whom the pressure comes from, and the gymnast deals with the pressure. Results showed that coaches, parents, teammates, and the gymnast themselves instigate pressure associated with achieving a perfect body image, perfection in sport, and continued practice even through injury without complaining. In turn, gymnasts deal with these pressures through prompting eating disorders and the act of silence when guidance is needed most.