• What are the ergogenic effects of music during exercise?

      Perreault, Melanie; Houston-Wilson, Cathy; Corigliano, Brianne; The College at Brockport (2017-08-09)
      This synthesis demonstrates the positive effects of music on exercise. It focuses on the potential benefits of listening to music during exercise. It uses a theoretical framework focusing on the dissociative effect of music resulting in reduced perceived exertion, accompanied by greater output, enhanced performance, improved skill and improved mood. It also looks at the effects of variable intermediaries of the tempo and the volume of the music being used. It uses twelve, peer-reviewed, quantitative research journal articles published within the past forty years as the “critical mass.” Using the theoretical framework the synthesis demonstrates that the dissociative effect of music enhances exercise and achieves the potential benefits. It recommends future research over a wider age range and varied exercises.