• Parent’s Perspectives of Physical Activity Recreational Programs for Their Children with Disabilities

      Houston-Wilson, Cathy; Caracci, Scott (2019-12-12)
      The purpose of this synthesis was to examine parent's perspectives of physical activity recreational programs for their children with disabilities. The studies in the critical mass reviewed the different perceptions that parents relayed including benefits and positive outcomes such as, children being able to see themselves be successful and having their social skills increase as well as barriers to successful inclusion such as, not having the right equipment, not finding a program that works with their child or not being able to trust staff know how to appropriately work with their child. They also identified opportunities that could enhance their child’s participation such as marketing information so that parents are aware of programs and helping low-income families. Future research should examine looking only at children with a physical disability or just a mental disability as a lot of the information has both. Future research should also look more into the staff training rather than looking at the facility by itself.