• The Role of Social Media in Intercollegiate Athletics: A Synthesis of the Research Literature

      Petersen, Susan C.; Burns, William B.; SUNY Brockport (2018-12-12)
      Abstract The purpose of this synthesis was to examine social media use in intercollegiate athletic departments, and the effect that social media has on colleges and student-athletes. Previous research shows that social media has not been a large presence in intercollegiate athletics until 2008 when schools started to realize that is can be a powerful tool to help with marketing strategies. Common themes that emerged through the critical mass were social media best practices at the intercollegiate level, the most commonly used platforms, the benefits of using social media for colleges and student-athletes, and the problems and potential problems of using social media for colleges and student-athletes. Future research is needed to address the everchanging field of social media as the technology grows each year and new applications are formulated to increase the presence social media has on society and intercollegiate athletics. Keywords: Social Media and Sport, NCAA Social Media, Intercollegiate Athletics, Social Media