• The Impact of Athletics on Fundraising at the NCAA Division I Level

      Houston-Wilson, Cathy; Burgmaster, Gil (2020-12-16)
      As intercollegiate athletics have become increasingly important within the fabric of NCAA Division I institutions across the country, the importance of fundraising to offset athletic department budgets has come into focus. Analysis of previous research at the NCAA Division I level shows that although a winning athletics program does not definitively increase fundraising efforts, it can in many cases positively influence donor giving. It has been suggested that athletic directors are now being asked to become more creative and collaborative when it comes to financial responsibility and fundraising. NCAA D-I institutions are being advised to use high profile sporting events and access to social events in order to secure the next big donor and to help cultivate a sustainable future of donor giving. The purpose of this synthesis was to review literature on the impact of Division I college athletics on fundraising for athletics in higher education.