• The Impact Food Insecurity Has on Children in Elementary School

      Houston-Wilson, Cathy; Raimondo, Daniel; Bouchard, Kyle (2021-05-01)
      Food insecurity is an issue that impacts many people, and these impacts present themselves in many different ways when it comes to elementary school students. This synthesis was conducted by coming up with specific search criteria in order to find out what was being presented in the current research. As a result of this search and analysis, it was found that elementary school students who experienced food insecurity during childhood were negatively impacted in the areas of academic performance, physical health, behavioral health, mental health, and emotional health. Something else that was found was that these children who experienced food insecurity may have been at a higher risk for food insecurity during young adulthood as a result of these experiences. Although there were many negative impacts identified as a result of food insecurity, there was also research found that stated food assistance programs can be utilized in a way that helps children and families deal with this issue. Going forward, it is suggested that food assistance programs be updated and supported by those in positions of power in order to help families and decrease some of the negative impacts seen among children in elementary school. In the end, the purpose of this synthesis project was to review the literature on the impact food insecurity has on children in elementary school.