• Opioid Alternatives for Athletes

      Battaglia, Robert; The College at Brockport (2018-12-07)
      The purpose of this synthesis project is to investigate alternative approaches to opioids and their effectiveness for pain management. Research identified little levels of involvement by the athletic population in the use of opioid alternatives. The studies reviewed within the critical mass yield factors, which encouraged opioid alternative use and the benefits they have. Medical marijuana, physical therapy, and acupuncture resulted in the most popular opioid alternatives. Research in opioid alternatives has only begun from athletes with pain in regards to opioid alternatives. However there is uncertainty about opioid alternatives from athletes and medical staff. In the years to come, creating opportunities for opioid alternatives in athletics will be essential. Training for medical staff, coaches, athletes, and others about opioid alternatives will be essential as the window for alternatives widens in athletics. A recommendation is to provide these individuals with information in a minimum of a few key areas: the dangers of opioid misuse, the benefits of alternatives, and education about alternatives.