• An Examination of the Role of Physical Education as a Determinant to Continued and Lifelong Physical Activity in Females

      Kozub, Francis M.; Asquith, Erin; The College at Brockport (2014-05-06)
      This synthesis examined a critical mass of research to identify significant determinants of continued physical activity in females across the lifespan. More specifically, a central aim of this project was to examine physical education programming as a one of these determinants and examine the potential avenues for educators to instill lifelong involvement for female participants. Literature was used to create themes such as youth participation, physical activity across the life span, gender differences, ethnic and economic determinants of lifetime participation, attitudes and perceptions of physical education and physical activity, physical activity preferences, and physical education as an indicator / promoter of lifelong physical activity. Based on a synthesis of the literature, the following list of recommendations as well as a “Yearly Student Influenced Curricular Plan of Action” was developed in order to increase the likelihood of continued involvement outside and after the influence of physical education programs: (1) programs should increase focus on achievement in the “affective domain” (50% or greater), (2) provide students with a student-selected, choice curriculum based on more non-traditional activities, (3) ensure that each activity has a focus that female students especially find meaningful and enjoyable and can access outside of the classroom, individually, and at least potentially across the lifespan, (4) ensure a safe and success oriented environment sensitive to females and accepting of a variety of attitudes, perceptions and backgrounds, and (5) provide a genuine reflection process at the end of each class session or unit to assess whether or not student attitudes and perception toward course activities are remaining positive and influential.