• Effective ways of teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Inclusive Physical Education Setting

      Kozub, Francis M.; Samalot-Rivera, Amaury; Arroyo, Ruben (2019-08-22)
      The purpose of this synthesis is to provide effective teaching strategies for inclusion of students with autism in adapted physical education settings. To that end, a literature review produced a critical mass of 16 relevant articles identifying strategies such as prompting, video modeling, variable intensity prompting (i.e., flexible and most-to-least), antecedent-based intervention, peer tutoring and self-management. These strategies are further discussed to provide practical ways physical educators can use to include students with autism to general or adapted physical education settings. Based on gathered data, there is strong evidence supporting the benefits of variable intensity prompting strategies like most-to-least. Evidence also supports that antecedent-based methodology provides a solid starting point to develop interventions that can incorporate other teaching strategies. As an educator, using proper and effective teaching methods provides the opportunity to improve the students’ quality of life.