The Spectrum: A Scholars Day Journal, is a faculty juried, cross-disciplinary, electronic journal. Its goal is the publication of outstanding, student produced scholarship presented at the College at Brockport annual Scholars Day. Scholar’s Day, which was instituted in 1984, is an annual celebration of scholarly pursuits by the campus community.

Scholars Day enables students to present scholarly and creative work; to practice disciplinary techniques of public presentation; to learn from fellow scholars and artists across the disciplines; to engage with members of the college community in educationally meaningful events; and to support a college culture of intellectual initiative and academic excellence.

Recent Submissions

  • Reflections on/from the Asylum in Chekhov’s "Ward No. 6" and Bulgakov’s "The Master & Margarita"

    Lelonek, Kevin; The College at Brockport (2012-04-19)
    Within both Anton Chekhov’s "Ward No. 6" and Mikhail Bulgakov’s "The Master and Margarita" the institution of the asylum serves as a lens to observe the corrupt character of Russian society at discrete historical moments. While the two works differ in the specific implications resulting from the incarceration of criminally deviant and diseased, but also dissenting intellectual characters in their respective societies, they are united by similarities in the oppressive and coercive representations of authority.
  • Hercules: the Spiritual Emphasis in Euripides

    Head, James; The College at Brockport (2012-04-19)
    Hercules: the secular and the spiritual, examines the work of two ancient playwrights, Seneca and Euripides, comparing their individual treatments of a common Hercules tragedy narrative. Although both writers are considered existing within the era of classical literary history, there is a gap of nearly 400 years between when Euripides wrote Hercules for a Greek Dionysia Festival, and the version that Seneca wrote while serving as a statesman in Rome. Likewise, there is a noticeable difference in how each play treats the topics of spirituality and religion. This essay explores the choices that each playwright makes concerning their depiction of gods, mortal men, and the origins of violent madness, positing that Euripides’ work is rooted in deep religious traditions while Seneca modifies his source material to tell a secular tale of caution and cultural morality.
  • The Influence of Subtle and Blatant Prejudice on Group Identity

    Krolikowski, Alex; Champlin, Dell P.; The College at Brockport (2012-04-19)
    Recent research on social distancing and intergroup relations focuses on the black sheep effect—the notion that individuals will distance themselves from deviant group members—and out-group discrimination (Johns et al., 2005), but does not examine the relationship between the black sheep effect and negative attitudes. Additionally, research suggests that the degree to which prejudice is detected varies with the type of prejudice expressed—blatant or subtle (Meertens & Pettigrew, 1997). The current research tested whether the type of sexual prejudice expressed by members of one’s in-group, influences the amount that individuals identify with their in-group and the individual expressing prejudice. Participants were exposed to either blatant or subtle prejudice and completed several questionnaires assessing identification with their in-group and the individual expressing prejudice. Results revealed that exposure to blatant prejudice was related to greater social distancing from the individual expressing prejudice and one’s in-group than exposure to subtle prejudice.
  • Stereotypical Features: The Face of a Criminal?

    Andrus, Tyra; SUNY Brockport (2020-11-01)
  • Pollinator Apocalypse

    Bean, Elizabeth; Kirkpatrick, Ryan; Lanterman, Abby; Griffin, Tucker; Kearney, Jacob; SUNY Brockport (2020-11-01)
  • Perfect: A Photo Story

    Campbell, Alexandra; The College at Brockport (2012-04-19)
    This session highlights a photography project on women’s bodies completed for a fall 2010 WMS 360 Sex and Culture class. Eleven women posed for this project; all of them college-aged. The project captures ways we and others view women’s bodies. Audience members will have the opportunity to consider how society defines beauty as captured in the backdrop of the song “Perfect” by Pink, analyzed through the lens of both the artist and the models.
  • Ignorance is Bliss

    Austin, Paige; SUNY Brockport (2020-11-01)
  • Nitrous Oxide as Pain Relief for Women in Labor

    Peterson, Mikaela M.; SUNY Brockport (2020-11-01)
  • Predicting Oscillatory Systems with Machine Learning

    Coble, Nolan J.; SUNY Brockport (2020-11-01)
  • Determining True Unicorn Startups

    Callery, Joseph; SUNY Brockport (2020-11-01)
  • Plastics Come of Age

    Explaining the growth of the plastic industry and modern environmental movement.
  • A New World of Synthetic Materials

    A history of synthetic materials from 1869-1939.
  • Optimism in the Early Age of Plastics 1920s-1950s

    The changes of uses and views of plastics from the 1920s-1950s.
  • The Point of No Return? Protecting Liberty from Globalism and Nationalism

    Zalewski, Elliot; The College at Brockport: SUNY (2019-04-10)
    The world's borders are beginning to rapidly fade away from significance. Consequently, previously independent nations are being forced into the same shrinking economic and political arena. Isolationism is a thing of the past, and no nation can escape the gravitational pull of the global governance community, particularly in reference to international organizations such as the UN and EU. Hence, allied nations are voluntarily relinquishing their sovereignty in exchange for a place in the seemingly beneficial conglomerate entities, while nations who are adversaries cannot avoid interactions, rising tensions and the threat of military intervention. As a response to the chaos and uncertainty associated with globalization, some groups particularly proud of their heritage are responding with strong, sometimes hostile sentiments of nationalism to represent their willingness to revert to independence. Nationalist ideals can be just as dangerous, and have shown to provide the appropriate conditions for genocide, under 20th Century circumstances similar to today's climate. Therefore, in a free society, both globalism and nationalism directly undermine individual liberty, and the answer to navigating the unstable global future is far more complicated than this dichotomy of conflicting ideals would have one believe.
  • The Epidemic Domestic Sex Trafficking of Girls: Awareness and Prevention

    Semon, Jessica R.; The College at Brockport State University of New York (2019-04-10)
    Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) of girls is a global epidemic requiring awareness and attention. Studies from a spectrum of human trafficking subtopics: human rights, sex trafficking, its predominance in girls and women, DMST, geography, policies, stigma, ambiguity of terminology, and vulnerable populations, connected and examined the issue from a global perspective on women and gender to its manifestation in the United States and New York State. Participants in the studies included juveniles, representatives of non-governmental organizations, law enforcement, and public officials. Measurements of risk in minors and girls, results of at-risk minors’ participation in psychoeducational groups, and attitudes of first responders, social workers, and policy makers assisted conclusions and implications of this research. The findings demonstrate that stigma associated with DMST perpetuates the problem, young girls are particularly vulnerable to DMST, social construction that sexualizes girls and gender disparity in treatment of victims heightens their risk, demand fuels exploitation of girls, and laws contradict solutions. DMST can be prevented and victims rehabilitated through research, education, language and attitude.
  • Forever Plastics: Saving the Great Lakes (and ourselves) from America’s love affair with plastics

    Christensen, Mitchell; Hecker, Jennifer; Spiller, James; Bleier, Tammy; The College at Brockport (2019-04-22)
    The Complete Forever Plastics Earth Day Project. The Forever Plastics invited exhibit was multi-disciplinary, collaborative project sponsored by The School of Arts and Science. Contributors include students enrolled in Spring 2019 classes in Art, Environmental Science and Ecology, and History. The physical display was exhibited at Drake Memorial Library, April-June, 2019.

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